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How can I access your platform?

Please register on our website and provide contact information. 

Screenshots of your statistics of work from advertising accounts or from other sites. Screenshots should be clear, relevant and fresh, reflecting the essence of your work with vertical and source. 

Screenshots may be required to activate your account!

What is 21st Gold? How can you earn?

21st Gold is an international performance marketing agency.

We help our affiliates to monetize traffic, and we provide advertisers with brand promotion services.

We cooperate with affiliates and advertisers around the world and work in iGaming, Sports verticals.

The scheme of work of an affiliate with 21st Gold in a simplified form is as follows: you promote offers presented on our platform using a link with your unique ID. When a user clicks on your link and then takes the desired action, you get paid. Target action (otherwise it is called a conversion) described in the terms of the offer. You can promote offers using various allowed traffic sources: on your own site, through advertising on Google, Facebook and so on.

Why is your registration closed?

Our company is growing rapidly and we firmly believe that in order to provide for the maximum benefit to both parties, it is better for us to get to know each other first :)

How long do I have to wait for you to process my application for registration?

During the day on weekdays your application will be processed. If you have registered on weekends or holidays, the application will be considered as soon as possible. weekday.

How to get a personal manager?

It is provided to each of our partners after registration and activation personal account.

What is fraud?

Fraud in arbitration or Fraud means fraud on the part of the webmaster. Fraud traffic in marketing means cheating by bots or non-targeted users. If the advertiser detects such deception, then we have the right to block your account. Be careful and always have screenshots your work!

How to integrate with Keitaro?

To do this, we have prepared detailed instructions for working with mobile devices. applications:

Do you have mobile apps?

Yes, we provide mobile apps, pwa and more. We cooperate with many developers.

Trafficback - what is it?

This is a system that allows you not to lose your traffic, but distribute it to necessary offers for geo traffic. So you don't lose your money ;)

What are the ways to withdraw money?

We currently use USDT, BTC, Capitalist. 

How often are payments?

Payments depend on the offer, this is described in detail in the description for each offer.

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